How to make the most out of your travels.

I travel frequently and i love to explore new places. I can’t leave England on my own as i’m still too young but whenever i do with my parents it creates some of the best memories i will ever have. So good memories or not, it doesn’t hurt to make more.

Don’t stop yourself.

As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” 

Now how is someone supposed to make the most of their holiday if they don’t actually just do what they are meant to do? Get rid of the doubts in your head like should i do this and should i do that. We all have them but in the long run if we stop ourselves from things will we ever get anything done?

Skiing in the mountains of Andorra with an amazing view.
Andorra ~ 2k17

Stay Positive.

Don’t think about the bad that could happen in your trip. Think about all the amazing things you will do. Thinking about negativity will bring you down and simply ruin your holiday. For example, remember the great drone incident at Gatwick airport in London. Click here if you don’t know. However, I was there! We were stuck for about 3 days at the airport to get on our flight to New Delhi. – One of my travels – . We had to have hope and stay positive. We even missed the Taj Mahal but it was all worth it in the end as we got a flight and enjoyed 2 weeks of India.

Don’t sit at the hotel.

Fine. A luxury pool; an amazing restaurant and people that speak other languages. In my opinion, that is not how to spend time on holiday. Meeting people; exploring the place; sightseeing and trying there signature cuisines is the way to go. Plus, What kind of pictures are sitting by the pool bed?

The pictures above are a few of the experiences i have had with the people and culture in India. Now that is a Holiday 🙂

Pack less, bring back more.

Don’t take a wardrobe of clothes or a shed of materials. Bring what you need and only what you need. This equals less likely to loose things and stress. Also, there’s more room to take collections from your travels such as souvenirs. I personally recommend backpacking as that way you can go anywhere with a suitcase on your shoulders but of course don’t overfill it. Backpacking will teach you how to pack less as you will be aware to not make it too heavy. If it is too heavy that leads to restless nights. Doesn’t matter if your away for 1 week or 6 months you should always minimise.

Take loads of pictures.

Now it doesn’t only need to be pictures. If your good at writing, write, If your good at art, make a master piece of what you see. The options are limitless. Cherish everything you do as it will not very likely happen again. Looking back at pictures reminds you that you actually did those things. When sadness comes, looking at holiday pictures can definitely brighten up someones mood. Also, having pictures means sharing adventures to other people; social media and even things like my blog. Show how diverse you can be and own it.

So in conclusion, go for it. Live your life to the fullest and set no expectations. This is your holiday and your holiday only.

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