Character story – Willow


I always liked writing stories and making up characters so here is one 🙂 I don’t know what the character is yet but we will see as we go along.


Glutinous treacle ran down her lips as she ate her honeycomb-filled, fudge cake. Willow always had a sweet tooth even if her mum disagreed. Her knee-high black boots measured with her horizontally black and white striped tights. Despite from the boots itchiness, she still required to be fashionable. Willow was the one to take risks, such as a daredevil or even a madcap, one may say. That shall not be put past her as she was raised by her fearless mother who was not alive anymore. A plaid skirt she wore was torn and ripped but the memories with it made it too special to throw. Willow does not show care to brusque folk or greedy individuals as her very very bright yellow leather jacket makes up for all that. You see, every time someone says something Willow doesn’t like she simply bullies them into giving her a solid 10p. She’s collected enough 10ps for that very very bright yellow leather jacket. Not many people like Willow due to her odd taste in clothes.

Often, the hair that lays on her frosted, pearly head is pulled into one semi-perfect sleek pony tail. However, other days it’s a mop waiting to be tamed. Freckles dance across her face in all directions but focused clearly on the middle of her nose. No blush is needed as her patchy, rosy cheeks are on display. Willow isn’t very fond of makeup; she doesn’t know how to properly put it on yet and it makes her face not as young. Being a 15 year old is hard because Willow’s friends are her biggest critics: Your eyeliner is too long, wash your hair it’s too greasy and shape your eyebrows. Even though they can be a bit harsh, Willow still loves them as her friends.

Piquant, mellow smoothies are what Willow makes every day in order to stay healthy. The need to rest your mouth and not chew brings joy to her delightful self. While Willow drinks her wonderfully delicious smoothies, she writes in her diary, that she got for her 8th birthday, where she keeps her most abstruse secrets. It looks old and has scratches from where the dark pink paint used to sit. It has a lock and she wears the key as a necklace to hide from thieves. The paper inside is thin meaning a lot of pages fit inside. Now that is for another story to be told.


This took me about an hour. I like willow and i might write more about her but for now i am going to rest my wrist. Hope you liked my character story about the brave Willow.

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