101 things to do when you are bored.

~intro~ I have always found it hard to conquer the struggle that is boredom. I was bored until my mum told me to write this blog. Over many times of boredom I have collected the best ways to never be bored again. This is in no case serious or something you have to achieve I am just writing this for my own enjoyment and for others to read.

  1. start a blog/ write one
  2. call a friend/family member
  3. invent something
  4. read a book
  5. go on cheesy internet games and see how much you cringe
  6. go online shopping or just browse for things you are not actually going to buy
  7. draw and/or create something
  8. Make a bucket list or just a list
  9. make a mood board
  10. browse pinterest
  11. make a fort, make some popcorn and have a movie night
  12. go for a walk – try to set a goal of steps you will do and track it on your phone
  13. say hi to a stranger while outside
  14. cook something you have never tried before
  15. get a camera and take artsy photos
  16. take a bath
  17. show your pet some love (if you have one)
  18. count the hair on your head
  19. he loves me, he loves me not…
  20. scrapbook
  21. clean your house or room and/or organise things
  22. download weird apps on your phone
  23. write a wish on a leaf then (if there is wind) let it fly away
  24. sort out your clothes
  25. study/ do homework (yikes you must be really bored if you choose this one)
  26. play with sticks
  27. organise your phone and change up the home and lock screen
  28. plan how you want your room to look
  29. have a sleepover
  30. write about anything
  31. exercise
  32. dance in your room like a loner
  33. watch you tube
  34. have a spa day
  35. practise acting
  36. change up your aesthetic
  37. make things in your life more ergonomic
  38. work on your flexibility
  39. learn how to knit or crotchet
  40. paint some rocks
  41. print out photos of someone or/with yourself and stick them up
  42. play a sport
  43. practise a language you have been learning or start learning one
  44. paint random things you would like to decorate
  45. make music with things in your house
  46. Photoshop pictures of people to make them good or bad then send it to them
  47. sing and record yourself to see how you sound
  48. think about where that voice in your head comes from
  49. drink some water
  50. practise your handwriting to make it better
  51. eat food 🙂
  52. plan a holiday/trip that you might not even go on
  53. decorate your house according to the season e.g. Summer, autumn
  54. donate to charity
  55. read my blogs 😉
  56. draw out tattoo ideas
  57. read old magazines you have
  58. write a piece of writing/book/movie review
  59. enter competitions such as writing or art ones
  60. read the news
  61. start a diary
  62. try minimalism
  63. try zero/less waste
  64. go vegan for a week if not already
  65. visit a friend
  66. set reminders on your phone
  67. update social media profiles you have
  68. get a social media you don’t have
  69. go through old photos
  70. try out different hairstyles
  71. If you do makeup try out different looks
  72. make some tea or hot chocolate or coffee
  73. watch movies
  74. analyse why your favourite colour is your favourite
  75. learn some new vocabulary
  76. start a you tube channel
  77. fix things in your home that need fixing
  78. compliment people
  79. write down your friends top to bottom
  80. check if your friends are fake or not if so make some new ones
  81. Have you been rude to someone lately? apologise if needed
  82. write your own food recipe
  83. buy a plant and take care of it
  84. start a mini farm
  85. write a list of things to do when you are bored
  86. ask advice from a friend or family member about something
  87. check if food in your kitchen has gone out of date
  88. make a comic book/strip
  89. put up posters in your room
  90. prank someone
  91. message an old group chat to see how people are doing
  92. make a list of relatable moments
  93. safety proof your environment
  94. start a new trend
  95. make a viral video
  96. make stickers with double sided tape
  97. make a tapestry
  98. analyse how food tastes
  99. make random snacks e.g. cookies, rice crispies
  100. meditate and do yoga
  101. just listen to your favourite music

~outro~ Well that took me an hour and a half! Now i know whenever i am bored to just look at this list.

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