Welcome to my blog! This is a blog about my dreams and aspirations that I will share with my readers.

This is not a business account but simply as a hobby but I will still be putting 100% effort into it. Come with me through my adventures. My mistakes are your learning curve. We can share our mistakes in time in this little community that is my blog.

Moreover, I will be adding short fiction stories and other little pieces of writing as I go along. Perhaps some artwork and DIY’s too. I love travelling around the world. I needed a place to share all of my trips and this is just the place to do it.

I will be publishing blogs often and will update my followers whenever possible.

 So at last, make your self at home and be yourself here. I promise I won’t judge 😉

P.S. I am staying anonymous for the time being. 

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Hello Fellow Humans!

Want to contact me? Email me on spiritedawaymoominki@gmail.com